Providing Quality Care

Anson General Hospital is a reliable healthcare provider, supporting our community with high-quality, comprehensive medical services.

Providing Rural Emergency Care with Compassion and Excellence

As a rural emergency hospital, Anson General is focused on ensuring that our community has access to the services they need most in emergencies, as well as follow-up care and services to support recovery and wellness.

CT Scans

State-of-the-art CT scans for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

Lab Tests

Advanced lab tests to help identify and monitor acute and chronic medical conditions.

Quality Emergency and Outpatient Services

At Anson General Hospital, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of medical services to meet the needs of our community. From emergency care to specialized treatments, our team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to delivering compassionate and comprehensive care.

Emergency Care

Our state-of-the-art emergency department is equipped to handle every medical emergency.

Specialized Treatments

Our Specialty Care departments attend to challenging conditions with current treatments and procedures

Comprehensive Care for Your Unique Needs

At Anson General Hospital, our team of experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals provides a complete range of specialized care services to respond to your unique medical needs. We consistently provide comprehensive treatment options delivered with compassion and care.

A Wide Range of Medical Services

At Anson General Hospital, we offer a comprehensive list of additional services to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of our community. From emergency assistance to diagnostic tests and physical therapy, our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide you with the highest quality care.

Physical Therapy

The convenience of hospital-based physical therapy helps you recover quickly.


Advanced imaging services ensure precise diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Expert Staff

At Anson General Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional medical care with the help of our advanced equipment and highly qualified staff. Our state-of-the-art technology supports accurate diagnoses, while our experienced team of doctors, nurses, and technicians deliver personalized treatment plans to each patient.

Ted Matthews

Interim CEO


Ted Matthews has been associated with rural healthcare for over 25 years. He has served as an administrator/CEO of two rural hospitals in Texas; Anson General Hospital and Eastland Memorial Hospital. He also has served on numerous healthcare boards, such as Torch, THA, and some state agencies.
In 2021, Mr. Matthews retired to enjoy time on the lake with family and friends. Recently, however, he was approached by Anson General Hospital, where he began his career as a hospital administrator, and asked to return on an interim basis to help the hospital navigate through some difficult financial times while managing the conversion to a Rural Emergency Hospital. Mr. Matthews responded by saying “how do you say ‘no’ to your home community?”

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