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Hospital Awarded for Excellence in Patient Care

Hospital Awarded for Excellence in Patient Care

We are honored to announce that our hospital has received the Excellence in Patient Care Award from the National Healthcare Association. This award recognizes our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding patient services and high-quality medical care. Thank you to our dedicated staff for their hard work and dedication.

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Ted Matthews

Interim CEO


Ted Matthews has been associated with rural healthcare for over 25 years. He has served as an administrator/CEO of two rural hospitals in Texas; Anson General Hospital and Eastland Memorial Hospital. He also has served on numerous healthcare boards, such as Torch, THA, and some state agencies.
In 2021, Mr. Matthews retired to enjoy time on the lake with family and friends. Recently, however, he was approached by Anson General Hospital, where he began his career as a hospital administrator, and asked to return on an interim basis to help the hospital navigate through some difficult financial times while managing the conversion to a Rural Emergency Hospital. Mr. Matthews responded by saying “how do you say ‘no’ to your home community?”

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